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About us

History in the Making


Central Schoolhouse Inn
115 E North St
Geneseo, IL 61254

Thank you for taking a peek at our beloved Central Schoolhouse Inn! We offer a unique event and lodging experience, featuring a glimpse into to local history, luxurious guest rooms and a delicious breakfast. The first-floor dining, living and outdoor areas allow for formal or informal gatherings such as Sunday brunch, baby showers, meetings, small wedding receptions, parties and more!

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Love at First Sight

When the owners moved to Geneseo in 2013, like so many others, they fell in love with the Brown house. Many a new Geneseo friend has described her "childlike" dream of living in the home as they stroll by on their walks downtown. Upon learning that the property would be sold, they decided to open their own inn and purchase this historic landmark to convert into a women-owned business.
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Our Roots

Built in 1856, Central Schoolhouse was the first public school building in Geneseo. The school started with all ages, however as the town quickly grew it served as the south elementary building until 1890. Prominent attorney Harry Brown hired Frank Lloyd Wright protege Cecil E. Bryan to save the building and renovate the 4-room schoolhouse into a beautiful 6-bedroom home in 1913. The renovation took 3 years, at which time the Brown's brought their miracle baby into the world. Mabel Brown, Jr., the first woman to practice law in Geneseo, cherished and preserved this home for nearly 100 years. 
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Our Vision

Our vision is to share the history of Geneseo's first public school, honor the memory of Brown family, and make each guest's stay or event memorable by providing superior comfort and service. We have over 30 years of experience running successful public and family run businesses. We share a passion for history and antiques much like the original ladies of the house.